Entry #1

Hey Fans

2008-01-31 17:14:23 by luigi-dude12

Just to let you guys know I've uploaded my new BTs Flash, check it out if you haven't, Also I'm working on animations I've haven't continued yet! such as Wario's day 3, 20% and Shadow's Revenge 3. 75%. So don't worry, Those will be posted as soon as I finish with them, Also I'll update my website soon, Cause it hasn't been updated in ages..

Hey Fans


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2008-02-27 20:23:47

Hey we should be friends I love the shadows revenge redos!


2008-05-17 20:30:27

Finally I waited months to see Wario's day 3 also make a series around Bowser jr


2008-05-28 11:58:19

sonic vs metal sonic


2009-08-12 22:34:26

Well,it's official.This dude is just dust in the wind for all NG cares.


2009-12-28 05:20:25

When is out Shadow's Revenge 3?


2011-09-12 18:52:49

Hey, is see that you did a little series on Shadow as well as me, i would like some help, do you want to help me?